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Discover our collection of blue but green jeans.

I find my jeans

green but blue jeans.

Nagev the 100% sustainable brand.

Why Nagev?

It all started by asking what should a brand really bring to today's world? The answer in our opinion; A serious brand that doesn't take itself too seriously. A responsible concept, while being fashionable, with organic/vegan materials, simple but original lines and a “loop” life cycle. It seems to interest you, so we tell you more ...

Why are Nagev jeans so different?

Our 100% organic jeans cuts

The cuts that Nagev has designed especially for you:)

Our Lila SLIM cut

Its fitted cut (from the hips) to the knees and slightly wider at the bottom than the skinny. It allows you to sculpt and sublimate your shapes. Its material and mid-high waist will shape your figure and create a look that is sometimes chic, sober or more casual according to your style and your desires of the moment.

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Our Valentine skinny fit

Its feminine and timeless cut will please both for a casual or more dressed look. Its mid-rise waist, fitted waist and pocket position contour the silhouette and make it an elegant, comfortable and flattering fit (for the figure).

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Our Mum Olivia cut

Our Caméléon jeans, the one that has crossed the ages and generations. These are the trendy jeans to have. It can be worn in a straight cut/adjusted to your size as well as over-cut. Chic with a pair of pumps, more street with your favorite sneakers, the look possibilities are endless.

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